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Property Research

Property Research

Diligent research into property markets is at the very foundation of what Your Future Investment is about. We’re not about high turnover in sales, we are about finding you investment properties that will both appreciate in value and generate you the kind of returns that you need to make your investment a success.

No research means no guarantees. But property investment companies make grandiose claims with no foundation all the time. At Your Future Investment, we take pride in knowing everything we can about every property that we recommend to clients as a good investment.

Before we place any property on our books we assess areas for growth and future prosperity as standard practice. We take into account everything from jobs growth to infrastructure plans.

You won’t find any two bit residential developments in the backwaters of some place you’ve never heard of – where the buses don’t run and the unemployment rate is 20 per cent – in the Your Future Investment portfolio.

On every single property we have ever recommended to clients we have:

  • Investigated local councils
  • Talked to local businesses
  • Analysed expected growth of infrastructure
  • Considered recent planning decisions
  • Investigated public transport availability
  • Taken into account jobs growth
  • Undertaken detailed statistical assessment through industry beacon RP Data
  • Broken down the local home owner and investor mix

Without this knowledge and this kind of rigour, nobody and no property investment company is in a position to claim a property is a worthwhile investment or not.